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Our Story

At Lens & Ladder we strongly believe that our best chance of surviving climate change directly depends on successful commercialization and adaption of innovative climate tech. 

Through our founder’s consulting practice and her work as a commercialization mentor in collaboration with US Department of Energy (DoE), NREL, NOAA, PNNL and private entities like Braid Theory, DNV, Ocean Exchange, etc. she witnessed firsthand the struggles of innovators in climate tech. 

Lens & Ladder was born to bridge the gap between innovator’s technical prowess and people, process and market expertise needed to become a commercial success. Armed with proprietary methodologies and frameworks perfected over last 5 years and a band of highly skilled and passionate professionals who augment our team as needed, we are ready to play our part in saving our planet.

Our Story



Empower climate tech innovations to reach their full commercial potential to maximize collective impact on climate change mitigation and adaptation.



To be the most impactful and trusted growth enabler for climate tech businesses, worldwide.



Connection | We are connected to our planet and all its inhabitants. We are committed to playing our part in safeguarding our future.

Collaboration | Together we can go far, achieve more and grow collectively.

Curiosity | We keep an open mind, stay curious and find the most practical and impactful solutions

Action | Success stems from action and we embrace bold actions to conquer big challenges

Resourcefulness | We value ingenuity in maximizing our resources to overcome constraints and thrive.

Swapna Kulkarni
Founder/ CEO 
Lens & Ladder

Meet our Founder

Passion backed by action, is our Founder in a nutshell. If she finds a gap in an area that she feels passionate about you will find her spring into action and do her part to offer a solution. When bringing us together in the form of Lens & Ladder to help climate tech businesses flourish or when she launched one of her previous learning experience design start-up to bring STEM education to 25K+ underserved students, it is always rooted in her deep desire to make a difference.


She is genuinely interested in people and their stories. Having lived and worked on three different continents has honed her ability to empathize with very diverse group of people. Understanding human needs and crafting strategies, experiences, processes and services to meet those needs has been at the center of everything she has done in her professional life spanning a couple of decades. 


Her wide-ranging background in engineering, process improvement, product strategy and her success as an entrepreneur allows her to spot unique opportunities and be a skilled collaborator to lead cross-functional teams like engineering, business and marketing. She connects the right dots, delivers optimum solutions for complex problems and empowers our team to lead with our individual strengths to help businesses achieve scalable and sustainable growth.


Strategic Partners

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When you have made it your business to save the planet, we want to make it ours to help you flourish!




Whether you have a particular problem for us to solve or are just curious to learn how we might collaborate, we want to hear from you.

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